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Dominate the Night

Night Vision

Offering a lineup of modern, white phosphor and enhanced fusion thermal night vision systems.





PRF Coded Lasers

Thermal Imagers

Long-wave Infrared (LWIR)

Mid-ware Infrared (MWIR)

Short-wave Infrared (SWIR)


Intelligence Sensor Nodes (AI Integration)

Tactical Surveillance Systems

Wireless Mesh Networks

Wireless Intercom Systems

Long-Range Observation Devices

Tactical Encrypted Radios

Satellite Backhaul

Aviation headsets

Flight Suits & Uniforms

Options & Approvals:

Berry Compliant (Made in the USA)

Flame Resistant (FR)

Non-Flame Resistant

AFSOC Approved 2-Piece Flight Suit

Safe-To-Fly (Interim) Women's 2-Piece Flight Suit for Helicopter and Fixed-Wing, (non-ejection seat) Aircrew

US Air Force Safe-To-Fly

Airman Battle System-Ground (ABS-G) Approved

NAVAIR State of the Art Survival Items (SOAS) Approved

National Business Center’s Aviation Management Directorate (AMD) Approved

CBP Air and Marine Operations

Backpacks, Load Bearing, & Plate Carriers

Defense Supply

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Law Enforcement Solutions

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